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Stress measurement

Are you suffering from tension and stress and want to know what causes your stress so you can take targeted action?

I can support you with an accurate stress measurement, where we monitor your actual physical and mental stress and relaxation, 24 hours per day for several days. This way, you get an objective insight into your stress levels in various situations (both private and work-related). Based on these insights, we can assess the risks of your current stress level, and you can take targeted action to address the causes of your stress.

You have a responsible job and a busy life. You enjoy your work, but it demands a lot from you. You want to do it well, so you work hard to meet all expectations. You often have a racing mind, a feeling of being rushed, and tension in your body. You're always "on," and you find it difficult to truly relax and unwind. You're sometimes more emotional and easily irritated, with less patience for others. You're afraid that this makes you less pleasant for the people around you and less effective in your work.

You would like to have less stress, but you're not quite sure how. You really try to relax and take time for yourself, but it's challenging because your work demands a lot of your time and energy.

Do you recognize this? 

  • You've worked hard today and realize you need a moment of rest, so you decide to relax with a cup of tea. Before you sit down, you quickly do a load of laundry. As you go to boil the water, you suddenly remember you need to call your mother. While on the phone with her, you wipe down the kitchen. By the time you hang up, it's time to start cooking, and you realize with irritation that your moment of rest has once again slipped away.

  • You feel the tension in your body increase as you try to focus on writing. You only have half an hour left, and you notice your mind isn't cooperating. You're struggling to concentrate, your thoughts are jumbled, and you can't seem to think logically. All you can think about is that it needs to be done in 30 minutes. What's wrong with your brain? Why won't it work with you?

  • After work, you're standing in line at the supermarket when someone cuts in front of you. It irritates you, and you snap angrily. As you walk outside, you feel your heart pounding in your chest, and you're still angry. When you get home, you see that your daughter has made something to eat and left a mess. Is she out of her mind?! You have better things to do! You feel the anger rising and shout that she must come down immediately to clean up her mess because this isn't a hotel! While cooking, you regret your outburst. Your daughter is hurt, the atmosphere is ruined, and you realize you could have handled it differently. It's so frustrating that you've been so short-tempered lately.

  • It's the weekend, and you've had a busy social schedule. On Sunday evening, you have a friend's birthday party, which you usually enjoy, but now you don't feel like going. You're tired and don't have the energy to go, especially knowing you have to work tomorrow. You'd rather just stay home and relax on the couch.

  • Sometimes your mind is so busy that you can't sleep at night. Thoughts and worries keep racing through your head, and you can't stop them. It makes you even more tense because you know that not getting enough sleep certainly won't help you feel better.

In short, you feel how stress is taking a toll on your well-being, your mood, and the enjoyment in your life, but you feel like you have no control over it. 

How long can you keep this up before you start experiencing physical symptoms or burn out?

What would it be like to 

  • Have peace of mind without that constant stream of thoughts. This would allow you to better relax at home and also perform better at work.

  • Be less emotional, but respond calm and kind, even in difficult situations.

  • No longer feel so rushed, but having the peace of mind to make time for the things that are important to you.

  • Feel less burned out, so you have more energy to do enjoyable things in your personal life.

  • Sleep peacefully, soundly, and deeply at night, so you wake up refreshed and full of energy to start a new day.

That’s possible!
With this stress measurement, you gain insight into the tension and stress you experience in different situations, allowing you to take targeted action to better manage your stress.

This measurement consists of:

  • A general explanation of the impact of stress on your body and brain, including common pitfalls.

  • Access to a (mobile) heart rate monitor with a corresponding mobile app to measure your stress for 3-5 days, 24 hours a day, using Firstbeat Life.

  • A .pdf report containing the results of the measurement.

  • A session where we analyze the measurement results and discuss possible improvements to reduce your stress levels based on your outcomes.

This measurement provides answers to the following questions:

  • How high/low is your stress level during various activities throughout the day (work & personal)?

  • What is your risk of mental and/or physical overload, and what actions can you take to prevent it?

  • What factors in your daily life (during and outside of work) influence your stress levels?

  • Are there enough moments in your work and free time where you can recover from tension and stress?

  • Is your mental load too heavy for you to manage effectively?

  • Is your sleep of good quality and sufficiently restorative, and what factors in your life can you adjust to improve it?

  • Are your physical reserves increasing or decreasing?

  • Are you physically active enough to experience positive effects (such as greater stress resilience)?

  • How fit are you – also in comparison to others your age?

  • Is the intensity of your physical activity proportionate to your current fitness level to realize optimal value?

Based on the answers to the above questions you will be able to make -sometimes small- changes to reduces the level of stress in your life. ​

This stress measurement requires an investment of 250 euros.
Yes! I would like to schedule an appointment to measure my stress and gain insight into the - sometimes small - changes that can reduce my stress.
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