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Do you notice an increase in stress within your team or organization? And do you want to ensure that the managers & leaders in your organization can better anticipate and manage it, to prevent absenteeism, turnover, and reduced performance?

That can be achieved with this interactive on-site workshop, where I specifically explain to leaders what stress is, why it's crucial for leaders to actively address their stress, how they can recognize stress in their team, and what they can do to reduce stress in the workplace.

With over 25 years of experience as a leader in large (corporate) organizations, combined with my expertise as a stress coach, I am the right person to engage in this conversation with today's and tomorrow's leaders!

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Do you recognize this? 

  • In the employee satisfaction survey, the topic of 'perceived workload' scores relatively poorly.

  • People complain because the workload is too high. You often hear about people working in the evenings and on weekends, and they also seem preoccupied with work in their minds at home, which concerns you about its effects on them.

  • You notice that the increasing tension in the organization has a negative impact on the overall atmosphere. People are quicker to get irritated and have a shorter fuse.

  • The costs of stress-related absenteeism are high, also because people are often unavailable for long periods. This costs the organization a lot of money, and finding replacements is difficult, increasing the pressure on the remaining employees.

  • You realize that stress prevention starts with the leaders in your organization, so you would like to provide leaders with more insights and tools to address this.

What if -even more- people start falling out due to work related stress? Or if the atmosphere deteriorates and people's motivation decreases? Or if people leave for another organization? This will only make the situation more concerning and create a downward spiral.

What would it be like if

  • The leaders in your organization could better anticipate stress in their team?

  • So that:

    • The people in your organization could handle the current workload in a more relaxed manner?

    • You have a team of satisfied employees? Who indicate having a good work-life balance and show up to work motivated and well-rested every day?

    • There is a pleasant atmosphere where people feel comfortable and interact with each other respectfully, even in stressful situations.

    • The absenteeism caused by work-related stress would decrease?

That’s possible!
With this interactive workshop, leaders will learn what stress is and its impact, why it’s crucial for leaders to actively manage their own stress, how to recognize stress in their team, and what they can do to reduce stress in the workplace.

This workshop lasts approximately 4 hours and is for a maximum of 10 people. I will get to your office to conduct the workshop. It consists of a theoretical component, explaining the physiological and mental aspects of stress. Additionally, it includes exercises where leaders reflect on their own stress and that of their team. Furthermore, we explore potential improvements.

What are the results of this workshop?

At the end of this workshop:

  • Leaders understand:

    • Why and how their body and brain react to stressful situations and the long-term impact thereof, enabling them to recognize the necessity of addressing stress.

    • The physical signs of (chronic) stress and how to better detect stress in themselves and their team.

    • The influence of their own stress on the stress levels within their team.

    • Which tools they can use to reduce their own stress.

  • A common language is developed to address stress issues, making stress more discussable in the future.

  • There is a better understanding of the stress within their own team.

  • Leaders can take action with potential improvements to alleviate their own stress and the stress within their team, thereby reducing work-related stress and absenteeism, and improving performance.

The investment of this workshop is €1000,-* 
Yes! I would like to organize a stress workshop for leaders within my organization. 
I would like to first get acquainted during a personal meeting.
* A travel allowance applies for locations outside Noord Holland. 

This is what others say about the workshops

'What I find very impressive, is that you know how to present a clear story in a pleasant way. You have clearly explained what happens if you are in the red for too long, that you may not notice it and what that does to people.

The people that work at Promi are young, ambitious and quickly take the starting point that it won't happen to them, which is why they quickly classify things like mindfulness, meditating and breathing to stop the flow of thoughts as vague. I have heard from many colleagues that they recognize situations in others and in themselves - and I think that's your achievement.

It is valuable to become aware of your feelings, thoughts and stress and what that does to your body through the workshop. And above all, that this can be discussed, without shame and feelings of guilt and failure.

In short, a valuable session!'

Nico, Promi B.V. 

Frequently asked questions.

I'll answer some of the questions you may have.

Where does the workshop take place?

The workshop takes place at your company, you arrange the location yourself. If you would like to use a location outside the workplace, the costs are on your account. 

What is included in the price?

The investment of € 1000 includes my travel costs within Noord Holland, VAT (KOR), 4 hour workshop, coordination in advance. The price does not include travel costs outside Noord Holland, location costs, any customization and or additional work for adjustments to the content of the workshop.

What requirements must the workshop space meet?

The space where the workshop is given must offer sufficient seating and, above all, guarantee a certain degree of privacy for the participants. So people outside the workshop should not be able to look in. The room must be available half an hour before the start for me to set everything up.

What tools are used in the workshop?

The workshop uses tools that are scientifically proven. These are tools that are aimed at neutralizing people's mental and physiological reactions to stressful situations. 

Is 10 people really the maximum number of people for the Workshop?

If you have other wishes, we can determine the possibilities in mutual consultation.

Is the content of the Workshop standard, or can we request specific adjustments?

The workshop as offered here - at this price - is a standard workshop. But in joint consultation we can always look at a customized option that (even) better meets your wishes.

What process is followed before the workshop is carried out?

If you press the button below, you can fill in an application form, with a preferred period for the workshop. After completing this form, I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details of the workshop. If you would like any specific adjustments in the workshop, this can be done at an additional cost, depending on the amount of time that I have to invest extra. We schedule a date, you arrange the location.

I would like a workshop about stress for leaders within my organization!
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