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Team Stress Management Program

Are you noticing an increase in stress and tension within your team due to high work pressure? Would you like to achieve a lasting improvement in this area to enhance the overall well-being of your employees, reduce absenteeism, lower turnover, and increase employee satisfaction?

I can assist with a 3-month stress program, where we will work to objectively analyze the amount of stress measured in your team and take steps to reduce this stress level measurably.

You have a responsible job and a busy life. You enjoy your work, but it demands a lot from you. You want to do it well, so you work hard to meet all expectations. You often have a racing mind, a feeling of being rushed, and tension in your body. You're always "on," and you find it difficult to truly relax and unwind. You're sometimes more emotional and easily irritated, with less patience for others. You're afraid that this makes you less pleasant for the people around you and less effective in your work.

You would like to have less stress, but you're not quite sure how. You really try to relax and take time for yourself, but it's challenging because your work demands a lot of your time and energy.

Do you recognize this? 

  • When the phone rings early Monday morning and you see who's calling, you already know what's coming. When you hang up, you feel disappointed. You knew he was overloaded, but it seemed to be getting better lately, so you had hoped it might not be so bad after all. Initially, you naturally feel sorry for him, but it's also troublesome for you and the whole team. He could be out for a while, and you have no idea how to handle his absence.

  • You're in a work meeting when one of your team members bursts into tears. She has a sick child at home, doesn't know how to finalize her work for the week, and feels completely overwhelmed. She's one of your most dedicated employees, always working hard and motivated. It's difficult to see her like this, and you're not sure what to say.

  • From the expression on his face when he enters your office, you already know what he's going to say. Such a nice, young, talented guy! He expresses how sorry he is but has decided to leave anyway. What a disappointment! Finding and training a new person is an additional burden for the team, not to mention the extra costs.

  • When you see the results of the employee satisfaction survey, you feel a bit discouraged. Of course, you know that people feel overloaded and stressed, and that the workload is high, but you've taken some actions recently. Apparently, without results, because employee satisfaction has declined compared to last year...

  • Sometimes you feel like you're all alone. You're aware that the well-being of your employees is your responsibility, but you don't always have control over the factors that influence it. Targets and budget cuts come from the top, and the tight labor market is a given. This sometimes makes you feel like you're mopping with the tap running...

In short, you feel how stress is taking a toll on your well-being, your mood, and the enjoyment in your life, but you feel like you have no control over it. 

How long can you keep this up before you start experiencing physical symptoms or burn out?

What would it be like if 

  • there were no more long-term absences due to work-related stress?

  • everyone had a healthy workload and was able to balance work and private life well, so you would see nothing but happy faces.

  • you knew exactly what measures to take that would positively impact the well-being, motivation, and engagement of your employees.

  • employee satisfaction and engagement reached record highs!

  • everyone, especially the young and talented people, wanted to work within your company and department? And you had no trouble finding and retaining good people?

That’s possible!
If you and your team commit to this Team Stress Management Program for the next three months. In this program, I will coach individual employees, the team, and you on how to better manage stress, based on objectively measured data.

This program includes:

  • Three months of access to a Firstbeat Life measurement device + mobile app for all employees, allowing everyone to perform unlimited 24/7 stress measurements. For more information, see Firstbeat Life.

  • An individual stress coaching session with each employee to discuss the results of the baseline measurement (3 days) and any potential improvements.

  • Implementing changes over 3 months (both work and personal) and measuring the impact on stress levels.

  • A team stress workshop to discuss problems, identify causes, and determine possible improvements.

  • Monthly anonymized status reports on stress levels and well-being.

  • Monthly team progress meetings.

  • Bi-weekly Q&A sessions.

  • Bite-size (online) workshops focused on reducing stress.

  • Monthly status and progress meetings with you as manager.

This Team Stress Management Program achieves the following results:

  • You gain insight into your stress levels and the underlying causes of your stress, allowing you to work on your physical and mental health in a targeted manner. This will help improve your overall well-being and performance.

  • You get insight at the team and organizational levels into the (risks of) mental and physical strain on employees and the underlying causes, enabling you to carry out targeted preventive actions to prevent overload.

  • Your employees will understand their stress levels, the associated risks, and what causes their stress. This serves as the starting point for working on potential improvements over three months and measuring the results.

  • As a team, a shared understanding of (the causes of) stress is developed, allowing for targeted mutual agreements and improvements that can reduce stress.

So that:

  • The stress levels of your employees decrease, their mental and physical health improve, and thus absenteeism due to illness decreases.

  • People feel better and become more resilient to stress, enabling them to handle a higher workload and improve their performance.

  • The motivation and engagement of employees improve, benefiting the overall atmosphere in the workplace.

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This Team Stress Management Program requires an investment starting from 500 euros per employee.
Yes! I'd like to schedule a meeting to discuss the possibilities for my team or organization.
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