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Brainwaves reflect the activity of your brain. They are small electrical currents that can be measured in frequencies or the number of vibrations or waves per second. Brain waves are expressed in Herz (Hz) and are measured using an EEG device.

The fast brain waves are associated with being active outwardly focused and with the possibility of concentrated and efficient work.

The slower the brain waves, the more inwardly focused the attention. And the easier a meditative state or a deep sleep is reached. In addition, with increasing relaxation and decreasing frequency, the activity of the immune system increases and the body can recover.

The combination of different types of brain waves forms a brain wave pattern, which describes our state of consciousness.

“There is no medication better than meditation.”

Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO Salesforce

Different types of brain waves

Brainwaves can be divided into 5 different types of brainwaves, based on their characteristics and the number of Hz:

Gamma (100 -30Hz)

Gamma is the fastest and most recently discovered brainwave in the brain. It is associated with the integration of information from all of the brains regions, as well as with coherence as they all synchronize.

Gamma is associated with many beneficial changes in the body.

Beta (30 -14 Hz)

The conscious mind of active external awareness: the intellect’s verbal, linear, and logical thought processes. List -making and decision -making speed up Beta.

Stress, anxiety and panic result in high -frequency, high -amplitude Beta. Your body ages much faster if your brain is bathed in Beta.

Alpha (14 -8 Hz)

Relaxed, sensory awareness activated and felt as the mind shifts from the external to the internal world. Daydreaming, reverie, visualization, imagination. Alpha is the very important frequency bridge that connects the conscious mind with the intuitive wisdom of the un- and subconscious.

Alpha tunes the brains to peak performance, as well as facilitating gene expression and improving mood.

Theta (8 -4 Hz)

Theta is the subconscious mind of long -term memory, dreaming, REM sleep, emotional healing, intuition, creativity, and spiritual insight. Theta is the repository of our (unconscious) beliefs and memories.

This is the frequency that is most observed in healers.


Delta (4 -0.5 Hz)

Delta is the slowest brainwave, representing the personal unconscious mind. Delta is a kind of instinctual radar that scans the environment and psychically picks up information and energy. Delta brainwaves are mainly seen in deep, restorative, dreamless sleep. It is animated by empathy and when people are having a sense of connection with the infinite.

When our brains are producing Delta, we are creating an objective energy environment in which our bodies thrive.

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