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High Performance mind

Research has shown that the High Performance mind is a consciousness state of the brain with a specific pattern of brainwaves. We call this consciousness state the Awakened Mind.

The Awakened Mind is the brainwave pattern of the world’s top performers and producers. It is most often seen in advanced meditators, artists, CEOs, researchers, hands-on-healers, intuitives, and other self-actualized people with a high degree of creativity, self-awareness and personal mastery. These calm, inwardly focused people tap their subconscious intelligence for solutions to challenges, to stimulate flow, and to self-evolve.

With practice—and a Mind Mirror—any normal person can develop this ideal state of consciousness. 

“Thanks to meditation I have developed patience… I have a better relationship with my team. Best of all, I maintain my peace of mind.”


Archana Patchirajan, Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Sattva

Strand bij zonsondergang
Persoon die een presentatie houdt

High Performance training

High Performance training usually refers to repetitive exercise, mental imaging and brain wave control. The modern world is increasingly turning to brainwave training for peak performance training simply because teaching the brain to operate at maximum capacity produces the most reliable and lasting results.


The Mind Mirror trains High Performance by realizing the Awakened Mind consciousness pattern. The Awakened Mind state of consciousness, thinks faster and with greater accuracy and creativity. Furthermore, an Awakened Mind is also able to act physically with increased accuracy, coordination, agility and speed.


Forty years of research into the Awakened Mind has conclusively proven that it underpins peak performance. Measurements have shown that the Awakened Mind pattern is always present when a mathematician solves a difficult problem, the Corporate Executive leads a challenging meeting, the musician composes and the professional tennis player plays a good game.

Calm, contemplative and resistant to pressure and stress, the Awakened Mind of 'flow' is present in the world's top performers.

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