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This is what others say about me

I decided to do a neuro- and biofeedback measurement as I am currently in a situation that feels quite unsettling. I experience stress and I want to "coordinate" it better. In order to do so I believe awareness is of huge importance as a first step. The biofeedback measurement seemed a good and pragmatic way to make a headstart.

It turned out to be a good decision as it has been a very valuable experience: starting with the fact that I needed to be open and honest about where I am today and expressing this to Tessa, the buildup from what I think I experience towards the measures, with immediate feedback visualized and the connection between the experience and different data points. It all adds up to being able to give meaning and word to all the experiences and tensions and also positive & negative thoughts I have been going through lately.


I think in general you have a very good sensor for what is needed. You are great in what you are doing and I am super grateful for this experience. You see the person and the struggles and you sense what is needed to continue the session. You don't rush things and that makes all the difference in the world. Thank you Tessa!

Janna, Amsterdam

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