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Tessa van Nes, Data driven Stress Coach

Tessa van Nes 


I support teams and organizations with high workloads, by measuring the actual physical and mental stress of employees 24/7, using Firstbeat Life technology. This provides an accurate, objective insight into the actual load, potential risks and causes of stress, allowing targeted - measurable - actions to be taken by individual employees, teams, and management to reduce stress in the organization.

As a result, employee well-being improves, absenteeism decreases, and the performance, engagement, and motivation of employees increase.

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Current workload leads to stress and tension

As a manager, executive or employer, you feel responsible for the well-being of the people in your organization. Employees perceive the current workload as (too) high, but budget cuts, staff shortages, and high expectations mean that this will not substantially improve in the short term. You notice that the workload leads to individual stress and tension, impacting people's well-being, performance, and motivation, as well as the overall atmosphere.

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Do you recognize this?

  • The costs of stress-related absenteeism are high, partly because people are often unable to work for extended periods when they fall ill. This costs the organization a lot of money, and arranging replacements is difficult, which only increases the pressure on the remaining employees.

  • More and more people are complaining about the workload they experience, and you take this to heart. You often hear from people that they are still working in the evenings and on weekends and that they cannot mentally disconnect from work.

  • Increasingly, you are confronted with emotional reactions from employees. You realize that this is caused by tension and stress.

  • You see a decline in performance among some employees. They seem less engaged and not as energetic and motivated as they were in the past. You also notice that this affects the overall workplace atmosphere.

  • You sometimes feel powerless because you have no control over the underlying factors of the high workload, such as a tight labor market, budget cuts, and the increased amount of work.

How long can this situation continue?

What if (even more) people start dropping out due to work-related stress? Or if motivation and team morale deteriorate further, and people start leaving for another organization? That will only exacerbate the situation.

I can help you!
I can objectively measure your stress over several days, so you know what is causing your tension and will be able to reduce your stress—sometimes with just a few small changes in lifestyle.
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