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1 on 1 program:

Do you also observe that stress is adversely affecting the qualities that contribute largely to your success as a manager? Are your people orientation and social skills taking a hit? If so, are you interested in discovering a path towards becoming a 'relaxed leader'?

This is achievable through this program where you will reprogram your brain and body, fostering a calmer mind and a relaxed body. This enables you to experience tension less quickly and be the best version of yourself.

You hold a significant position as a manager or leader. Recognized for your dedication to the well-being of your team, you consistently seek collaboration and shared interests. However, the demands of your role can be overwhelming. Too often, your mind races, you feel a sense of urgency and tension in your body, making it difficult to truly relax. You observe heightened emotional responses, increased irritability, and diminished patience with others. It seems that your exceptional qualities, the ones that contribute to your success as a manager—such as your communication skills and people orientation—are not being utilized to their fullest potential.

Do you recognize this? 

  • During the team meeting, you are impatient and cut off someone who is quite long-winded, more abruptly than you intended. As a result, he doesn't open his mouth for the rest of the meeting.

  • You react irritably to a colleague whom you believe is only looking after the interests of his own team. Your colleague is offended, and you can sense tension in the collaboration you worked on for the time being.

  • You still have half an hour to finish your report, and you feel the tension. Your mind is racing, you can no longer think clearly, and you are unable to focus on the report. The more you try, the more you feel the tension increasing, and it only becomes more chaotic in your head. Why can't you just think quietly for a moment? Then you'll have that report put together in no time!

  • In the evening, you don't have the peace to sit down because you still have to prepare something for tomorrow. While you are busy, an email comes in from your manager, and you decide to pick it up and immediately update your other overdue emails. When your partner comes in to tell you (s)he's going to bed, you only realize what time it is.

  • At night, you wake up and can't fall asleep. You are tossing and turning, and all kinds of thoughts are flying through your head. You think about your unreasonable reaction during the team meeting, your angry colleague, and the missed opportunity for collaboration. You worry whether your report was good enough. To make matters worse, you realize that you forgot to arrange flowers for someone on your team who was married for 25 years. You feel your heart pounding and you know that falling asleep is not an option for a while...

In summary, you sense yourself gradually being drawn into a downward spiral of stress, uncertainty and working even harder, all at the expense of your social skills and people orientation. How long can you maintain this before it manifests in physical complaints or leads to burnout? Or before your performance as a manager permanently suffers?

Imagine what it would be like for you to become a relaxed manager again, with a calm mind and a relaxed body. Picture yourself feeling better and becoming more effective as a leader.

So that you:

  • Experience such profound relaxation that you can consistently respond to the individuals in your team with patience and respect, even in the face of less pleasant or desirable behavior, by that fostering a team where people actively want to participate.

  • Maintain your patience, even with the most challenging colleagues, allowing you to remain friendly and collaborate seamlessly to achieve shared goals.

  • Enjoy peace and mental clarity, enabling you to concentrate, focus, and attain optimal results.

  • Embrace moments of relaxation during evenings and weekends without a constant sense of obligation, providing you the opportunity to recharge.

  • Attain peaceful nights of sleep, waking up feeling refreshed in the morning

That is possible!
Through this program, you gain awareness of your own stress patterns and learn how to integrate tools and techniques into your daily life. This way, you can effectively manage your stress, feel better, and once again become a more effective leader.

To help you learn better and faster, I measure your brainwave activity and the tension and relaxation of your body during the course using neuro- and biofeedback

​The entire Program takes 3 months and consists of:

  • A 2.5-hour stress measurement session to educate you on stress, demonstrating how it manifests in your body and brain. For more details, refer to information on stress measurement.

  • Five sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours, where I guide you through various tools and techniques to effectively manage your stress.

  • Homework assignments designed to reinforce your learning, encouraging daily application (approximately 20-30 minutes per day).

  • Audio sessions for home practice.

  • A workbook to record your experiences and revisit the theory.

  • A final 2.5-hour session, featuring a conclusive measurement and a discussion on expanding and consolidating your newfound knowledge.

  • Detailed reports on the neuro- and biofeedback measurements.

What will this process bring you (if you really take your exercises seriously😉):

At the conclusion of this program:

  • You've learned how to anchor yourself in your 'Green Zone,' where you feel safe and are able to  foster increased flexibility, patience, and improved connections with those around you. Naturally, this creates a safe environment for your team.

  • You possess strategies to regain composure if you lose patience or become irritated, facilitating a return to your 'Green Zone' and allowing for a calmer and more effective approach to challenging situations with colleagues.

  • Your brain has undergone training for enhanced tranquility, improving concentration and focus.  You know when your mind is in its most effective state known as the High-Performance Mind.

  • You experience increased calmness, enabling you to detach from work during your leisure time. Recognizing that relaxation and personal time contribute to greater effectiveness, allowing for success without the need to overwork.

  • Achieving greater peace of mind and bodily relaxation translates to improved sleep quality. If wakeful moments occur, you have acquired tools to facilitate relaxation.

Allowing you to embody the best version of yourself and cultivate a secure environment for those around you, encouraging them to showcase their best selves as well!

The entire trajectory requires an investment of 1499 (or 3 x 525)

Frequently asked questions.

I'll answer some of the questions you may have.

How long does this trajectory take?

This process has a lead time of at least 13 weeks, depending on the availability in our calendars. We agree on the dates in mutual consultation.

How much time should I invest in this process to experience less stress?

This trajectory consists of 2 sessions of 2.5 hours and 5 sessions of 1.5 hours. Next to that it is important to practice at home for about half an hour a day and to be aware of your stressful moments at work in order to apply what you have learned.

What is Neuro and Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is the collective term for the forms of therapy in which technical aids are used to demonstrate forms of tension in the body. By giving these body signals back to someone, they gain insight and they can consciously learn to exert more influence on them. Neuro feedback is a specific form of biofeedback, in which the activity of your brain is measured using an EEG device.

I use neuro- and biofeedback in combination with (scientifically proven) tools to teach people how to train their brains to get more peace of mind and relaxation in their body. This allows them to learn faster.

Can I also pay in installments?

If you prefer not to make a one-off payment of 1499 euros, you can also pay in 3 installments of 525 euros. The first payment is made before the first session, the second payment after 4 weeks, the last payment after 9 weeks.

Is this route covered by insurance?

No, this process is (unfortunately) not reimbursed by the insurance, but often your employer is willing to pay (in part). After all, it is (also) in the employer's interest that you learn how to handle stress from your work better.

Where do the measurements and sessions take place?

In principle, all sessions take place in Heiloo (Op de Wieken 3), but can also take place elsewhere in consultation, for an additional fee (additional travel and location costs).

Yes, I want to become a relaxed leader again
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